June 21, 2013


Sheriff Mike Taylor has seen the impact identity theft has had on the residents of Pittsylvania County and decided he needed to take action.

Sheriff Taylor and his staff along with Rob Giannini, C.O.O. / General Sales Manager and Nick Clark, Operations Manager from Commonwealth Document Management.


Sheriff Taylor and his staff have made an effort to educate citizens about identity theft and how they can protect themselves from this potentially devastating crime.  He also alerts residents through the media (newspaper, radio, television) of any identity theft scams or con artists his staff identifies in the area so they will know how to protect themselves and who can be contacted in his department.

His department sponsors two (2) Community Shred Day events on an annual basis allowing Pittsylvania county residents the opportunity to bring their confidential documents to a designated location to be shred on-site FREE!

Sheriff Taylor and his department will be partnering with Commonwealth Document Management for another event in the Fall.

We will post the date, time and location of the next event on our website when it is finalized.

We salute Sheriff Taylor and his staff for their commitment to protecting the citizens of Pittsylvania County from identity theft crimes!