One-Time Purge Shredding

Reclaim Your Office Space from Wasted File Storage

There are times when you need to destroy a large volume of records all at once, or a smaller set of records due to important legal considerations. Some of the more common triggers of document purge shred projects are:

  • Legal matter resolution
  • Changes in regulatory requirements
  • Office relocations
  • Changes in retention schedules
  • Annual “spring cleaning,” quarterly or end-of-year “housekeeping”

For these times, Commonwealth Document Management provides a one-time purge service designed to quickly and efficiently handle the entire document destruction process according to your needs and specifications.

Whether your documents are already in cartons or are loose and requiring destruction, we offer a secure, reliable and efficient disposal method that ensures the privacy of your business information while helping eliminate your liability exposure, regulatory non-compliance, and employee responsibility for document destruction.

Clients throughout Virginia and North Carolina trust Commonwealth to support their one-time shredding and purge service requirements.

Stop Paying to Store Outdated Files & Documents

It doesn’t make sense to continue to pay for space just to store documents that you are not required to retain. Still, many companies store business records well past their required retention periods. In addition to the overhead and administrative expenses, files that aren’t disposed of in a timely manner increase your legal liability. Finding the time and internal resources to shred documents is challenging. Your staff is already busy, and some documents may simply be too sensitive to expose to others in your organization.

Commonwealth Document Management does all the work for you. Depending on the size of your project, we can drop off collection containers for you to collect all your files for shredding.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Whatever your one-time shredding needs are, we can help. Our state-of-the-art mobile shred trucks are capable of shredding 5,000-7,000 pounds of paper per hour. No need to remove staples, paperclips, binder clips, or file folders in the process. From the time we arrive and collect your materials for shredding, we ensure an unbroken chain of custody for complete information security.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting, handle all the logistics, and destroy your records as requested, leaving you with nothing but newly-vacant space, a Certificate of Destruction, and a transparent audit trail. You are charged by the pound based on the weight of the material we shred for you, with no extra service fees or per-minute charges. And 100% of all paper we shred is recycled for a green, environmentally-responsible result.

And, if you happen to have any, hard drives or storage media, we can destroy old, inoperable hard drives and other storage media, too.

To request a one-time shred project or purge service quote, please call us at (434) 797-2459 or complete the convenient form on this page.

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