Tips to Successfully Manage Remote Workforces

As businesses continue to adjust, adapt and pivot in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all shifting to remote workforce business models on some level to keep operations moving forward while protecting the health and safety of our team members.

Many of us are finding that having remote workers is more cost-effective, led to a higher level of productivity, and improved staff morale.

As a result, we are planning to make this a permanent change and will be revising policies, procedures and business practices to reflect this.

In order to make the remote workforce concept work, careful planning and effective communication are paramount.

The following are 5 tips for businesses to follow to make the remote workforce platform positive :

Tip 1: Use technology to mitigate risk, increase productivity and enhance efficiencies

  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Remote workforce management and coordinating software (Slack, Remote Desk)

Tip 2: Do not micromanage or overmanage

  • Trust your workforce
  • Use non-invasive ways to hold them accountable

Tip 3: Communicate clearly and often with your workforce

  • Remind them that you value them
  • Remind them that you are flexible and understand these unique circumstances
  • Remind them what you expect of them – accountability is still key
  • Remind them that their well-being is a top priority

Tip 4: Act calm, cool and collected

  • Make sure all your actions, policies and communications reflect confidence
  • If you are comfortable, it will elicit comfort

Tip 5: Focus on the positive

  • It can be a cost-savings model for you
  • It can create a more content, productive workforce
  • Make it work now and it will be a model for the future

Secure Document Management and Destruction Practices for Remote Workforce

As businesses utilize and adopt remote workforce platforms, it is important they have sound security practices and policies and procedures in place to protect both client and employee confidential data.

Most businesses utilize some form of a secure virtual private network (VPN) with data encryption features to help minimize the chances for electronic data breaches.

In some cases, remote workers will be required to print confidential documents in order to complete work tasks.

This is where Commonwealth Document Management can help!

We can help your business develop and implement safe and secure practices for your remote workforce to dispose of sensitive documents. Please contact us at (434) 797 – 2332 and we will help you develop a secure, cost-effective process for destroying confidential documents generated by your remote workers!

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